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Lady With Moves

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Beautiful natural colors and pattern formations inspire beautiful mental imagery. The life cycles of microbial and insect habitats on a decaying hardwood log produced this amazing piece of art. Amazing color and pattern combinations inspire images of geodes, dancing figures, and human or animal forms; there is no right or wrong interpretation; it’s yours.

We invite you to experience this art nature and be the proud owner of this Masterpiece.

Let us know about your interpretation, Share your comment below.

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Custom Size –              We offer custom-size art. contact us for inquiries or booking.

Product Dimensions – Large – (90×60) / Medium (80×60) / Small (75×50) cm

Product Material –       Aluminum boards (Matt or Gloss finish) Glossy or matt vinyl sheet on a stainless aluminum composite board. Sharp images and a high-quality, clean look. For the custom sizes, we provide art printed on canvas material.

Product Delivery –      We employ premium delivery methods to achieve the best level of client pleasure. Within five days, your product will be processed, and within fourteen working days, it will be delivered.

** Note: –                    We adhere to and uphold the terms and conditions of our shipping partner’s shipping rules.

Warranty –                   We use cutting-edge German technology to create our artistic items. With our product processing partner, we provide a lifetime warranty of eighty years. We adhere to and uphold the terms and conditions of our manufacturing partners.





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Large, Medium, Small


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